Twin Island Explorer Dcamel Nusa Lembongan+Penida Package

Twin Island Explorer Dcamel

Twin Island Explorer Dcamel package is the most affordable package for your holiday in 2 islands in just 2 days 1 night. The first day in Lembongan and the second day at Nusa Penida. Twin Island Explorer Dcamel package at an affordable price already provides your various needs during holidays in Lembongan and Penida. Starting from pick-up, sea transportation, accommodation, guide, meals, and other services. Affordable rates with destructive service coupled with a memorable holiday experience in 2 days 1 night. Let’s get it right away Package Twin Island Explorer Dcamel is now on us with fast response and flexible payment way.

Tour Object  Twin Island Explorer Dcamel Fast Ferry package in Nusa Lembongan:

Mangrove forest is a natural tourist spot in Nusa Lembongan. We are invited to surround the mangrove forest with a small boat or lifeboat. Come please take your family and friends.

Mangrove Bay is a natural Snorkeling Spot located in Nusa Lembongan. You can mengabaikannya with selfie or photographing the fish and rocks in mangrove bay using waterproof camera.

Wall Bay is one of the best snorkeling spots in Nusa Lembongan. Suitable for you who like snorkeling. Underwater scenery is very beautiful. Suitable for those of you who want to calm the mind after a work holiday.

Toya Pakeh is one of the snorkeling spots in Nusa Lembongan. With its not-too-big currents and brightness of the ocean, you can see the underwater scenery clearly. 


Angel’s Billabong is often also called Pearl of the island of Nusa Penida, Now this place becomes tourist area most in demand by tourists. Although the location is hidden but many people who want to come to him.


Broken Beach brings calm and freshness to travelers visiting Broken Beach, Although it seems damaged, this beach is very beautiful. Broken Beach is still very awake to make the beach very beautiful.

Crystal Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay Beach is perfect for busy urban tourists because at Crystal Beach beach only heard the sound of sea water.

Itinerary Package Twin Island Explorer Dcamel :

  • Pick up at Hotel area Bali
  • Arrive at sanur beach direct check-in ticket at office dcamel
  • After the boat comes from Lembongan, we directly take the boat according to the direction of the crew D’camel fast ferry
  • The boat will depart from Sanur to Lembongan at 09.30 am
  • During the trip at sea we will be given mineral water (welcome drink)
  • You arrive at Lembongan and get off at Jungut Batu Harbor
  • You will be taken to the snorkeling spots by the Dcamel driver and crew
  • Up on the beach you will take a boat and do snorkeling activities in Wall bay and toya pakeh
  • Because the day is sing, you will get a lunch meal (set lunch) while resting for a while
  • After dinner and rest we will continue the tour to Mangrove forest and do snorkeling activity in mangrove after mangrove tour
  • Finish the fun in our mangrove to Warung Bambu (BBQ Tuna) to enjoy a delicious meal instead
  • After dinner you will be brought the driver to the hotel, until at the hotel you can directly check in and provided welcome drink
  • Tomorrow morning you breakfast first at the hotel
  • Then go to the port to go to Nusa Penida Island
  • Arrive at Penida nusa Island you will tour Angle Billabong, Broken Bay, Kelingking Beach View and Crystal Bay
  • You also get lunch lunch box and soft drinks
  • At 15.00 Afternoon you will take a boat and return to Lembongan
  • Then arrived at Lembongan, at 16.00 Afternoon you will return to Sanur Beach Bali
  • Arriving at Sanur Beach you will get off the boat which then will be directed to the car to drive you back to the hotel
  • You arrive at the hotel 😉

 Price Twin Island Explorer Package Dcamel IDR 1.500.000/ Person

Price Include :

  • Hotel Transfer
  • Mangrove tour Lembongan
  • Fast boat Transfer Dcamel fast ferry
  • Tour  Nusa Penida Island
  • Overnight di hotel Dcamel
  • Lunch
  • Boat transfer to Nusa Penida
  • Dinner in Warung Bambu (BBQ Tuna)
  • Breakfast, Lunch box + Cool Drink
  • 3 spot snorkeling + snorkeling equipment

Note : The above itinerary is an estimate only, the exact time may change depending on the situation and circumstances in the field when the activity is done.

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