Mushroom Beach in Nusa Lembongan Island

pantai mushroom

Mushroom beach is one of the beaches in Nusa Lembongan with the beauty sand beaches and the color of water is still clear and beautiful. On the beach is also very suitable for swimming and snorkling activities. Mushroom beach including the beach is very interested by the tourist with beautiful panoramic beaches, here we can also see the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon, and we can also see the mountain rinjani or sasak mountain from mushroom beach.

Beach Location

The beach is located in a very strategic location and easy to find if still confused you can use the maps below. Mushroom beach is one of the beach with a very romantic scenery with white sandy beaches plus the mountain scenery is certainly very beautiful and interesting to visit. If you are in Nusa Lamongan, here also has a ship port that is usually at noon on this beach is very crowded because the ships-Cruise ship berthing. If you want to come here with calm atmosphere, you should come in the morning and in the evening if the tone wants to enjoy the fresh scenery and while enjoying the sunrise view in the morning and sunset in the afternoon certainly very intersting to visit.

In addition to the activities and view that have been described above and there was many activity which can be enjoyed and done in mushroom beach such as snorkeling activity, daiving,  and on this beach is perfect for swimming and when the beach water receded on the west the beach will be seen a small island that is usually a lot of people who visit here by using motorcycles including many yachts are anchored here at noon.

How to get to Mushroom Beach

From bali we can use the services of crossing with fast boat that many take the route from Sanur Beach to Lembongan. If there is a fast boat that route from Sanur beach to mushroom beach then we do not need hard to find a vehicle like a motorcycle or a car.

But for now it seems like fast boat from sanur will be anchored at the Rock jugut/Beach jugut stone. If from the beach Jugut Batu only about 15-20 minutes by using a motorcycle or speed boat

In the vicinity of this beach area there are many accomodation services lodging dean Restaurant & Bar, including tourist attraction that can be visited by tourist visiting Nusa Lembongan in addition to Mushroom Beach, as follows:

What’s Nearby:

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  • Mola-Mola House

Nearby Attraction:

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  • Black Wood Coffe Shop
  • Cookies Coffe Shop And Foods
  • The Deck Caffe & Bar
  • Warung Putu

Nearby Attraction Mushroom Beach:

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Mashroom Beach Location